Advanced Malware

What is it

Malware, or “malicious software,” is an umbrella term that describes any malicious program or code that is harmful to systems. Maleware seeks to invade, damage or disable computers or mobile devices, often by taking control over a device's operations.

How do I get Malware

The two most common ways malware can access your system is through the internet and email. Malware can access your system when you surf through hacked websites, download infected files or download software from an untrusted or unfamiliar website

The most common forms of malware

  • Adware: Unwanted software designed to throw advertisements up on your screen, most often within a web browser.
  • Spyware: Malware that secretly observes the computer user’s activities without permission and reports it to the software’s author.
  • Viruses: Malware that attaches to another program and, when executed—usually inadvertently by the user replicates itself by modifying other computer programs and infecting them with its own bits of code.
  • Trojan: One of the most dangerous malware types. It usually represents itself as something useful in order to trick you. Once it’s on your system, the attackers behind the Trojan gain unauthorized access to the affected computer. From there, Trojans can be used to steal financial information or install threats like viruses and ransomware.

How to prevent Malware

URL Filtering

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APT Blocker

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Threat Detection and Response

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